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Salame with lard cubes

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From selected and lean cuts, it contains only meat, without the slightest addition of water.
It is then bagged by hand into a natural gut, and naturally aged as from our tradition. It is characterized by the personal but, at the same time, delicate flavor, and by the perfect balance of a taste given by a fat part perfectly balanced, and never excessive. Indicative of its value it’s the pleasant aftertaste left in the mouth, totally devoid of the unpleasant sense of set your teeth on edge.

Ingredients and storage

Pork, salt, pepper, wine, natural flavors, sugar (dextrose), antioxidant (E300), preservative E252*.

The product may be kept refrigerated between 2° – 7°C covered by cling film on the sliced side.

*”Migliorati” Salame is the only product in all of our productions that contains a small part of antioxidant and preservative. However we can reassured the Client that doses are minimal, largely inferior that the ones you can find in a normal over-the counter product. Our choice to adopt this small addition is just to be able to prevent the normal oxidation of the meat.

Details and advices

“Migliorati” Salame with lard cubes is a product that has nothing to do with the classical superstore salame. The main feature is the total cleanliness of the taste, given by the perfect balance between the lean and the fat parts, so that you’ll never have the fat feeling in your mouth.
The small cubes of lard then, inserted into the dough, cut and prepared by hand, increase its sweetness on the palate
A perfect cured meat, to be tasted with bread or in any other culinary use.


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