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Cut from the belly of the pig, trimmed and degreased by hand, until a perfect balance between the lean and the fat parts is achieved, so to give a product with an incredible balance. It is then salted, seasoned and tied by hand as per tradition.
It’s characterized by the tasty flavor and softness. Great also for the use in the kitchen.

Ingredients and storage

Pork, salt, pepper and natural flavors.

The product can be kept refrigerated between 2°- 7°C, covered with cling film on the sliced part.

Details and advices

“Migliorati” Pancetta is a very different product from the normal bacon that you find in a superstore. The perfect balance between the lean and the fat parts makes it much more pleasant on the palate than any other similar product. It’s perfect for every use in the kitchen, maybe for a good carbonara, or for a tomato and bacon, or for a delicious bruschetta, but it is also great on its own, sliced as a salami, on the top of a bread slice.


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