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We create emotions

We don’t intent to stop at the simple “good”.
Give an emotion every time you taste a “Migliorati” product,
this is what we do.
Each one of our products is unique on the palate, of a higher level.
After years of experience and maturity, our research on the raw materials
and on processing them allow us to do so, create emotions through unique flavors, result of a history of passion and traditions.

Porchetta and gastronomy

Quality assurance

We are proud of what we do. We combine the historic family tradition
with the passion for our work, so to always ensure the excellence for our products, results of a unique and inimitable production.
Our products are high quality products, from pigs of our territory,
bred under our strict control, handcrafted, following natural processes,
away from additives, dyes and preservatives.

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