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Whole prosciutto

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Product of exceptional workmanship, processed in a totally handmade in every single step. Each thigh, of heavy pork, is accurately selected and processed, before moving on the various resting and maturing phases which will complete the product. It is characterized by the delicate and at the same time enveloping flavor, by the creaminess on the palate, coming from a slow aging, strictly natural, of at least 24 months, which allows a perfect maturation of the fat part.
A product with a perfect balance that gathers all our history and craftsmanship: the tip of the “Migliorati” production.

Ingredients and storage

Pork, salt, pepper, natural flavors.

The product can be stored in a cool and dry place, covered by cling film on the part being sliced, and covered by a dry cloth.

Details and advices

“Migliorati” Prosciutto is a unique product, that has nothing to do with any other similar product. The meat, the processing process, the slow aging of at least 24 months, make it in fact a product of inimitable, enveloping and sublime taste. Great to be used in the kitchen, or for a classy aperitif, but excellent if eaten in the classic way, on a bread slice or any other bakery product.
It’s excellent both sliced by hand at the moment, and finely sliced with a slicer.


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