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Sliced porchetta

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Queen of “Migliorati” production, it is prepared, spiced and tied by hand according to the rules of our tradition, and cooked exclusively roasted in our ovens.
It is characterized by the perfect balance of flavor, given by a wise spiciness and a great raw material.
The excellent combination between the crunchiness of the rind, and the softness of the meat is then made possible by cooking exclusively in the oven, and not boiled we do.
In fact, it allows all the excess fats to melt and fall, but all the juices of the meat are instead withheld.
A product with a tasty, refined and particular taste that brings together our entire history.

Ingredients and storage

Pork, salt, pepper, natural flavors.

The product can be kept refrigerated between +2 and +7°C.

Details and advices

“Migliorati” Porchetta is a unique exclusive product, totally different from any other similar product.
The meat, the process, the wise spiciness, the cooking exclusively in the oven, make it a product exalted and inimitable, which lends itself to every use both classy and informal. It’s perfect both in an exclusive aperitif and in a dinner as main course, better if with some bread or hot focaccia.
To be able to taste the sliced “Migliorati” Porchetta at its best is sufficient open it from the vacuum and leave it at room temperature, however, to be able to exalt the flavor more, we recommend to heat it a bain-marie for few minutes or in the oven, so as to regain all the juiciness of the meat. We suggest instead to put the rind in the oven 200°C for a few minutes, as soon as taken out it will have all its crunchiness again.


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