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Typically Umbrian product with great peculiarity, which comes from the ancient culinary tradition of this region. It comes together with the Porchetta, of which can also be complement.
The Cicotto includes particular cuts of meat as: ears, tongue, tripe, grifo (pig’s nose), that after being prepared properly, are seasoned and boiled under the porchetta. During the cooking, the porchetta fat and juices fall on the cooking water so to get a tasty broth in which the Cicotto is cooked.

Ingredients and storage

Pork, salt, pepper and natural flavors.

The product can be kept refrigerated between 0° – 4°C, on a plate or in a box, covered by cloing film.

Details and advices

“Migliorati” Cicotto is a typical product of the ancient culinary Umbrian tradition, perfect as a starter different from the usual, as well as a main course. It can accompanied our Porchetta or our Zampetto but is excellent even on its own, maybe for a dinner with friends less common than usual. We recommend to open it from the vacuum and heat it a bain-marie for few minutes, in order to get all the juiciness of the meat back and enhance the flavor.

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